About Us

NetPLUS College has been helping students begin new careers since 1999. Our approach has always been to “bring the real world into the classroom.” We employ top industry professionals with extensive backgrounds in Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, and Palo Alto.

Our small class sizes and custom designed lab environments ensure you get the attention and support that you deserve, while working with up-to-date and state of the art hardware devices.

Our Career Services staff will begin working with you from your first day to ensure that when you graduate, you are “100% job-ready!” Many of our students secure employment before the end of their terms at NetPLUS!!!.

We invite you to drop by NetPLUS at your convenience and take part in a free classroom experience to understand why we are the top choice for those seeking a high tech career in the Information Technology field.

Fill out our online form and have one of our expert Advisors give you a call back!! Or email us at contact@netpluscollge.com or give us a call at (416) 292-0003 to speak with an educational advisor and Kick-Start Your Career!!!